Jinnie (fridayishere) wrote,

hello from busan!

i know it's like the end bit of winter already but the weather is still cold for me.
right now it's 6 degrees outside, which is not too bad but my body is still asking for the warm dense atmosphere back in sg.
to everyone who asks "oh so what have you been up to! what did you do! what are you gonna do for 5 weeks in korea?",
my answer is: sleep, eat, use the computer, watch the tv, read trashy books.
thanks to this sedentary lifestyle of mine, and also stuffing my face with sg food before i left, i gained 3kg recently. fml, really.
i wanted to go sign up at the gym but they told me that i can only start from 1st march.
so till then i will continue bummin' around and being a useless slug...
i've used up all my money :'(
$300 spent on: shoes + 3 tops + 2 tights + taxi fare + sauna + trashy book rental + bus fare
but i am determined to somehow find a way to withdraw money somewhere...
so that i can go SNOWBOARDING WOOHOOO~

tomorrow i will:
1. study japanese
2. fill up waseda forms
3. go to the bank to change currency
4. go to the post office to send documents to waseda
5. buy waterproof pants
6. (try very hard to) swim
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