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i am a writer, a writer of fictions, i am the heart that you call home [entries|friends|calendar]

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[September 19 2012 / 02:19pm]


i felt like i've been wandering for long and that i should probably come home, so i did. here. right now i just feel very sad and ill (i am down with a flu) so for the rest of the day i'm just going to sit at home and use the internet. i want to go back to japan, but at the same time i don't want to because i don't want to be reminded of how unfit i've gotten and i want to spend more time with my grandparents and eat my grandma's food. i also want to shop here because every fucking thing in japan is so expensive i don't even dare to lay my eyes on any of them. good day beef hor fun... i want you...

[September 18 2011 / 05:50pm]
It is a sad thing to think of, but there is no doubt that genius lasts longer than beauty. That accounts for the fact that we all take such pains to overeducate ourselves. In the wild struggle for existence, we want to have something that endures, and so we fill our minds with rubbish and facts, in the silly hope of keeping our place.

[August 04 2011 / 12:16pm]
what's wrong with twitter? has anyone used epilette before? why is the weather so mother hot??? my clothes are melting onto my skin

[June 19 2011 / 12:30am]
just got back from pohang! travelled 4 hours to meet yebin.. this could have been 2.5 hours instead if some retard had given me the right directions. there're 2 major bus terminals in busan, and i assumed that the bus that goes to pohang departs from the bigger one so i called them up to confirm and this retard redirected me to the other terminal. so i went to the smaller terminal and only at the ticketing office did i find out that i was at the wrong terminal!!!! fml so i had to travel another hour to get to the other terminal and i took a bus from there to pohang. on the way there, i passed by gyeongju and it made me feel like i want to live there. gyeongju is such a beautiful city with great history and lots of green! busan is so dull and grey :( anw i caught up with yebin for the first time in three months! i love how we get along so well, i feel like we've known each other for at least a few years already hehe.

bah bah [June 17 2011 / 12:30am]
i finally succeeded in waking up at 6.20 to go for yoga!!! woohoo so proud of myself. but yoga sucks. no wait actually, i suck at yoga. it's probably on top of the long long list of things i suck at. after the lesson the instructor told me to buck up and scolded me for skipping lessons when i am already so bad at it. heehee. in the afternoon i went for driving theory lesson for three fucking hours. the instructor is remotely entertaining but it really is a waste of time. he kept commenting on how tanned i was and when i was leaving he said "goodbye, black faced girl!" :-( ugh it took me forever to get a shade fairer but all that effort and time got betrayed by the sun and now i'm all dark again. sian ji puah. i went to a hospital nearby to get a health check up for my driving license and, for the first time in my life, i got told that i have good eyesight! the nurse was so disappointed when i told her i was wearing contacts. after that i went for japanese lesson and we talked about first impressions in class. two people said that i look very cold :-( aiya but it is true i agree haha. flew home right after class to catch city hunter! my favourite show at the moment hehe. tomorrow's gonna be very sian because there is no japanese class and i kind of look forward to it nowadays. but i guess that means that i get to watch the game tomorrow! :-)

[April 06 2011 / 10:50am]
"As you are aware, the start of the first semester has been delayed until May 6th. We are sure that many of you are anxious to start studying as soon as possible and not to waste the extra month of free time. With this in mind, the SILS Executive Committee has drawn up a list of books that are available free over the Internet. These are all books that we feel a well-educated student should have read and that will help you in many of the classes you take at SILS."


YES YES YES [March 18 2011 / 11:23am]
"Waseda University is considering whether to cancel the entrance ceremony scheduled for April 1 and 2. An announcement will be released in the next couple of days regarding detailed schedules. Students who are scheduled to enter Waseda University in April 2011 will be permitted to delay their admission period. Details and necessary procedures will be announced as soon as possible. An international student orientation will be given in April. For students already in Japan, orientations will also be held as scheduled next week."

finally, a decent response from the school!!! now we just keep on waiting..

[March 16 2011 / 11:22am]
"We know that all of the current students and entering students must have questions about what is happening after the big earthquake. In particular, the news media outside of Japan are asking whether it is safe to come to or remain in Tokyo. However, it seems to us that although the living conditions in the Tokyo area may be inconvenient (for the reasons mentioned above), we do not feel that it is dangerous at this time. Therefore, we are continuing with the procedures for class registration in late March and early April according to the schedule that was previously announced."

hello from busan! [February 21 2011 / 09:24pm]
i know it's like the end bit of winter already but the weather is still cold for me.
right now it's 6 degrees outside, which is not too bad but my body is still asking for the warm dense atmosphere back in sg.
to everyone who asks "oh so what have you been up to! what did you do! what are you gonna do for 5 weeks in korea?",
my answer is: sleep, eat, use the computer, watch the tv, read trashy books.
thanks to this sedentary lifestyle of mine, and also stuffing my face with sg food before i left, i gained 3kg recently. fml, really.
i wanted to go sign up at the gym but they told me that i can only start from 1st march.
so till then i will continue bummin' around and being a useless slug...
i've used up all my money :'(
$300 spent on: shoes + 3 tops + 2 tights + taxi fare + sauna + trashy book rental + bus fare
but i am determined to somehow find a way to withdraw money somewhere...
so that i can go SNOWBOARDING WOOHOOO~

tomorrow i will:
1. study japanese
2. fill up waseda forms
3. go to the bank to change currency
4. go to the post office to send documents to waseda
5. buy waterproof pants
6. (try very hard to) swim

문득 [February 14 2011 / 02:21am]
문득 14년동안 살았던곳을 떠난다고 하니까 기분이 정말 이상하다.
싱가폴 떠나는 사람들을 항상 부러워해왔지만,
막상 내 차례가 되니까 마냥 좋지만은 않은듯.
내일밤 비행긴데 떠나기가 싫은건지 짐 싸기도 싫다....

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