Jinnie (fridayishere) wrote,

just got back from pohang! travelled 4 hours to meet yebin.. this could have been 2.5 hours instead if some retard had given me the right directions. there're 2 major bus terminals in busan, and i assumed that the bus that goes to pohang departs from the bigger one so i called them up to confirm and this retard redirected me to the other terminal. so i went to the smaller terminal and only at the ticketing office did i find out that i was at the wrong terminal!!!! fml so i had to travel another hour to get to the other terminal and i took a bus from there to pohang. on the way there, i passed by gyeongju and it made me feel like i want to live there. gyeongju is such a beautiful city with great history and lots of green! busan is so dull and grey :( anw i caught up with yebin for the first time in three months! i love how we get along so well, i feel like we've known each other for at least a few years already hehe.
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