Jinnie (fridayishere) wrote,

bah bah

i finally succeeded in waking up at 6.20 to go for yoga!!! woohoo so proud of myself. but yoga sucks. no wait actually, i suck at yoga. it's probably on top of the long long list of things i suck at. after the lesson the instructor told me to buck up and scolded me for skipping lessons when i am already so bad at it. heehee. in the afternoon i went for driving theory lesson for three fucking hours. the instructor is remotely entertaining but it really is a waste of time. he kept commenting on how tanned i was and when i was leaving he said "goodbye, black faced girl!" :-( ugh it took me forever to get a shade fairer but all that effort and time got betrayed by the sun and now i'm all dark again. sian ji puah. i went to a hospital nearby to get a health check up for my driving license and, for the first time in my life, i got told that i have good eyesight! the nurse was so disappointed when i told her i was wearing contacts. after that i went for japanese lesson and we talked about first impressions in class. two people said that i look very cold :-( aiya but it is true i agree haha. flew home right after class to catch city hunter! my favourite show at the moment hehe. tomorrow's gonna be very sian because there is no japanese class and i kind of look forward to it nowadays. but i guess that means that i get to watch the game tomorrow! :-)
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